The roof is completed

The final layer on the roof, over the straw bales, the magnesium oxide boards and the Tyvak membrane, is the profiled plastic coated tin sheets. Apart from around the one Velux window, they are single sheets from the ridge to the eves. This makes it quite easy to put them on. As the ridge gradually rises the one end of the sheets needs to be cut at a slight angle before putting them in place. They are secured to the roof with plastic coated screws.

Ridge caps, barge boards, fascia boards, soffits and gutters are then all secured in place.

IMG_2313Remy is happy the roof is finely ready for the tin sheets!

IMG_2286The first sheet going up.

DSC_0006Once the tin sheet has been cut and put in place it is marked with a pencil where the battens are underneath so that the holes can be drilled for the screws. Here being done by Remy.


DSC_0026 You can perhaps just make out the string we have strung along the bottom to ensure we place the sheets in the right place. Getting the first sheet correct, and at right angles, is the important thing.

IMG_2308Ben did most of the hole drilling as well as the screwing.



IMG_2315IMG_2287Here Ben and Guy are installing the Velux window.

IMG_2295Nino getting his shirt off!

P1080928The south side of the roof is one plane while on the north side we have two planes meeting above the door; a bit of tin cutting is needed!

IMG_2288It can be pretty hot up there in the sun!

DSC_0005This is where we did the tin cutting.

2018-07-24 12.35.01Here the finished roof,

2018-07-24 12.38.54and from a different angle.

2018-07-26 17.34.09Gutters in place over the door.thumbnail6F4384AQSoffit boards being put in place. They are the same fireproof magnesium oxide boards.

thumbnailSZLYRGEQMargy, Guy and Peter on the job here.

2018-07-26 17.33.34Here showing the soffit boards above the front door.

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