peterEl Capitan, Head Honcho, Site Manager Peter Brown: Technically a volunteer, Peter Brown is the leader of the pack. He governs the volunteers with an iron fist. Anyone who weakens under the gruelling hours and appalling working conditions is dispatched with a baling needle, smeared with biodynamic prep and ground into a fine paste for rendering.

Volunteers always welcome. If you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities please click here.

Rusty Circle

Rusty: Second in command, Rusty is ever present at Peter’s side, watching over proceedings with a keen eye. His glorious coat and calm, upstanding demeanour draws the admiration of all. He is instrumental in securing generous quotes from local building suppliers.


NinoNino: Retired Steiner school teacher and master of the ‘Clint Eastwood Penetrating Squint’, Nino is famed for his easy going manner and storytelling prowess.  Rumoured to have shaken hands with everyone in the village at least twice, no passer-by gets past without a friendly “How are ya’ ……” and a wave.



Sylvain and Damien: Called in all the way from France for their carpentry and engineering know-how and charming accents, Silva and Damien have been responsible for building the wall plate which will ultimately sit on top of the bale walls. Although doing the work of four men they have been relegated to only one bio write-up space between the two of them. It really is a cruel world. Hopefully their English isn’t good enough to read this bit.



Ben: Forest Row local Ben was brought in to raise the average looks of the build team after complaints from local farmers. Appears in a perpetual state of casual/nonchalant lounging even when undertaking strenuous physical work.



terry 2Terry: Care home resident Terry loves helping out on the build. So much so that he has asked to be rostered onto the build site every day of the week. Terry particularly enjoys using machinery (steering the compactor and operating the mixer to make the clay render are his highlights). He always wins the award for dirtiest builder at the end of the day, which must mean he is the hardest working as well.

SelfieXavier: Blog writer and all round Australian, Xavier excels at raking beach pebbles and moving heavy objects from one spot to another. Convinced that the village is only big enough for one Australian he spends most of his time concocting intricate schemes to drive fellow Australian Nino off the build site and reclaim his rightful title as token Australian.


circle2  Bruno: Along with his wife Doris, Bruno did a ‘detour’ from home, near the Swiss / Italian border, via Tablehurst Farm on their way to Spain. Being old friends of Peter they came to help with the house for a few weeks. (It became 5 instead of the planned 3!) Bruno’s Swiss expertise and wonderful company has been appreciated by all. Camera shy Doris was the chief red oxide painter and tea maker.


img_52321.jpg  Tom: Local musician Tom, the tallest man on site, has been learning building skills while giving us his valuable help.




circle1  Chas: A local retired school teacher, Chas competes with Nino for the title of master storyteller. As well as being fun to have around Chas brings useful building skills.


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