The fireproof ceiling boards go up

We have put up the ceiling boards this last week, which are made mainly of magnesium oxide. They are not only fireproof and structurally strong but don’t mind getting wet, unlike plasterboard. As they weigh about 36kg each we hired in a small machine to help lift and hold them in place while they are then screwed to the battens. As one has to use non-corrosive screws we are using stainless steel ones, but have been horrified at the price of them!

IMG_0812The first sheet is up

IMG_0821The machine holding the board in place.

IMG_08352” x 4” timbers in place ready for boards to be fixed to so that the bedroom ceiling is not too high!

IMG_0823Terry giving me a hand.

IMG_0827Cutting a sheet to make it fit.

IMG_0839The log store also gets a ceiling but here the sheets are screwed directly to the rafters with no battens as there will be no straw bale insulation needed.

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